Can you break down exactly what percentages of your customers

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Can you break down exactly what percentages of Dofus Kamas echo your customers are from which areas of the planet? I've heard it's most popular in Europe. Where 70% of our neighborhood is We're indeed important in Europe. 15% is in North America, and 15% in South America. We're launching in 2010, beginning with Japan, in Asia. With Dofus 2.0 is Dofus a revamp, and to what extent is it brand new? Dofus 2.0 is a complete rewrite of the first server code, client code, and graphic engine from the first Dofus. We felt as though it was time to provide Dofus a fresh look. Tutorial and the interface system have also been redesigned.

Later on, Dofus players may have the choice of exchanging and creating mods and add-ons for Dofus, and it will be a lot more customizable. Everything remains the same for now, but it will be a lot more easy for us to generate content beginning 2010. Dofus players will continue to keep advancement and achievements, expertise and their characters in Dofus. Have you got any subscription numbers for Dofus or even Wakfu? In terms of total subscribers, we're over 3 million. At the moment we have over 500,000 active subscribers, using a total of 3 million Dofus players in a month. As for registered Dofus gamers [meaning all who have touched Dofus], we have reached 25 million.

These beings are used to copying the arts and techniques of the people they meet. In our case, every world class Twelve of Retro Dofus has been duplicated! In most class temples, you'll discover an NPC of the"Peule" family. You will be proposed to by this one, according to the Temple that you see, to confront a Dopeul corresponding to your degree slit. The battles are less or more balanced so, but know the Bag Enutrof Dopeul is devastating at levels! To have the ability to start confronting them, however, it will be necessary to have at least 6 class spells, to be degree 9.

Its Dopple being offered by each Temple, it's particularly interesting to Buy Kamas Dofus Retro go to fight all of them! Especially it is going to let you validate the quest"A fantastic big for Twelve". You will multiply the rewards for a brief time on Retro, using a small bonus at the end, by 12! Problem: The areas are pretty scattered along with the teleportation potions are rather expensive. Considering only the use of Potions of Reminder (You can, if you are an ace in Dofus Kamas, use Temple Potions), here is the suggested path by the Redaction. Having Amakna's Zaap at Zaap Backup is preferable.


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